Reniu Cosmetics (Pure Fiji)


Reniu is a brand of Pure Fiji Cosmetics Suva (Fiji)


Natural Product in 4 different fragrances:

Hibiscus ,Tiare , Frangipani , Cocos

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New Hand Sanitizer Gel Cocos 60ml

Product no.: FRS0001

COVID19 Certified to kill 99.9% of germs.

4.95 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1 - 3 working days

Reniu Coconut Bodylotion to Go (59ml)

Product no.: FRL0001

6 Fragrances - a must have for a Lady Handbag

Reniu Coconut Bodylotion (355ml)

Product no.: FRL0002

4 Fragrances - the big Bottle

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